MISSION GRAPHICS (formerly Jjinc Design)

In January of 2019, Jjinc Design became Mission.Graphics.

Why Mission.Graphics?

Graphics is what we centralize on. Our primary strength is to present your company with solid, experience-driven graphic design. Those graphics are backed by years in the industry of marketing, advertising, design, and communications.

"Where's the '.com'?" The neat thing was to find many new domain options such as ".guru" or ".club" or ".work". So we went with with a ".graphics" domain. It is such an amazing fit for our business.

The word "Mission" is intentional for two reasons. First, we want to be about mission work for God. Missions in the sense of seeking out those ministries who have a resource shortage in keeping up with contemporary design and communications. Secondly, it is our 'mission' to work hard to help your company communicate - with the right graphics and other tools - for effectively growing and expanding.


Our Approach

Our Vision

At Mission Graphics we want to assist where help can't normally be found or achieved. We want to make your business or non-profit look and present great, communicate well, and grow appropriately.

Our Story

Our Story

Formerly started by 3 young entrepreneurs from Scotland, and run as Jjinc Design, we've got deep international experience over a period of 20 years in marketing, startups, graphic design, printing, advertising, publishing, promotions, signage and architectural rendering. There's a lot to offer, and we're honored to be able to help you.

Jonny says...

“I want to be about the business of helping people reach their visual presentation goals. In perfect sync with that, I have a passion for non-profit ministries, because they often get a raw deal when it comes to communications, marketing, graphic design & print quality, simply because of budget. So I’ll work within budgets to see them achieve their objectives and present something much more professional and in-line with contemporary standards. I will help make things look great, but also help make them serve their purpose.

God has allowed me to be in this arena for over 20 years for a reason, and it is my understanding that I need to be helping others and using the skills He has placed on my life.” ~ Jonny Cunningham, Owner

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